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Q. Who are White Rose Finance Group?

White Rose Finance Group are an established and respected Financial Services firm based in Selby, 8 miles to the south of York. Geoff Wilson the founder of the company has 25 years business finance experience and has managed a number of very successful ventures.

The present company was formed in 2004 and since then has enjoyed a period of sustained and profitable growth offering a broad range of financial services to both Corporate and Consumer clients. The company is run by a mature, successful and very experienced management team who now wish to expand their proven business model and grow our team of Financial Consultants in to other areas of the UK.

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Q. What are the AFC and PA Partner Programmes ?

The Business Partner Programmes offered by White Rose Finance are a comprehensive and world-class Training and Support initiative. We have designed and developed the programmes to enable and empower motivated individuals to develop profitable new business opportunities and revenue streams as a fully experienced and supported professional member of our team.

In addition to those looking to develop a new career the Partner Programmes we offer are ideally suited to existing Brokers, Accountancy Practices, Solicitors Practices, IFA’s and Business Consultants looking to develop Financial Consultancy skills and additional revenue streams.

Associate Financial Consultant (AFC) Partner Programme:

The AFC Partner Programme is deisgned for individuals who wish to enter the Commercial Finance environment and fully align themselves with White Rose Finance Group. As an AFC Partner you will be fully integrated in to our team as a 'card carrying' Consultant and enjoy a significant range of business benefits and comprehensive back office and business development / marketing support.

We envisage that the AFC Programme will be attractive to those who can devote 2 or more working days each week to the Business Partnership.

Professional Associate (PA) Partner Programme:

The PA Programme offers any motivated individual the opportunity to be fully trained and supported as they enter the Commercial Financial environment either on an Independent basis or to integrate these valuable skills in to an exisitng business or professional practice. We envisage PA Partners will be offering Commercial Finance services to their exisitng clients and networks to supplement additional income or on a part time basis.

Partners will be extensively trained and become professionally competent, experienced and empowered to work on a self – employed basis but the full support of our centralised team of finance specialists. You will quickly gain ‘Market Experience’ and enjoy an industry leading support and commission package to deliver a significant income opportunity.

After an initial 12 months contracted period you have the opportunity to continue to work as part of our team and renew the contract on an annual basis. We envisage (and sincerely hope) that most Partners will continue to work with us ongoing but we do however acknowledge that some Consultants may wish to develop their own practices and work on an independent basis.

A modest Fee is paid to embark on the Partner Programmes to cover Training , Set Up and Business Support and this is refunded to you in full against future business success in the first 12 months. There are no contract renewal or license fees to pay after the first 12 months.

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Q. Who are the Partner Programmes open to?

The AFC and PA Partner Programmes are open to individuals of any age and from any business background. Above all else you need to be enthusiastic, motivated and have the desire to develop Business as a Professional Finance Consultant.

Previous experience in financial services is not necessary but you do need the capacity to absorb and learn from our comprehensive training programme and ongoing have the confidence to consult and develop business from a broad range of business and consumer clients.

Applications are also invited from current Trading Businesses and Professional Practices wishing to develop these Financial Services skills and additional income streams.

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Q. What do the Programmes consist of?

Business Partners will undergo an intensive and thoroughly enjoyable initial three-day training and induction programme. This is a fully inclusive course which will cover the comprehensive range of financial services that you will be offering to your clients upon graduation. The training covers the key aspects of qualification and underwriting each product, lending rates and terms and importantly how to recognise and develop new business opportunities. The products covered will include:

The training programmes are scheduled on a regular basis and are held in a 4* conference venue in the historic city of York.

On completion of the initial training you immediately embark in to a period of ‘Market Experience’ when you will quickly become an accomplished and expereinced Finance Consultant working with the full support of our team and realising the opportunity to earn a significant and sustainable income.

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Q. What is the Professional Qualification offered with the AFC Partner Programme?

Integral to the programme and fully inclusive is your (optional) study towards the prestigious Certificate in Commercial Mortgage Planning (CeCM) designed and delivered on a distance-learning basis by the renowned IFS School of Finance. The CeCM qualification is designed to be achieved in around 40 hours of study time, a full prospectus will be delivered upon registration for the programme.

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Q. What happens when I’ve completed the initial Training Programme?

On completion of the Initial Training you will work on a fully supported basis to develop business in your local area and from your existing Business Networks. As a Business Partner you will be allocated a named Business Development Manager from our team to provide you the necessary day-to-day support to help ensure your success.

All new business opportunities that you develop will be centrally managed and underwritten by our team to ensure the fast delivery of a competitive ‘agreement in principle’ (AIP) from our lending partners for you to deliver to your client.

Upon the clients acceptance of the funding offer our team will then package and process the proposal through to successful draw down of funds at which time your full commission will be paid. Using our experienced central resource to achieve underwriting approval and project manage each successful case leaves you free to develop new business opportunities.

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Q. Are the Partner Programmes a Franchise?

No, our Partner Programme's are not operated as a franchise. We will require your contractual committment to work with us for a minimum of 12 months and this contract is renewable thereafter. There are no franchise fees to pay or ongoing license charges and there are no limits or geographic restrictions on where you can conduct business and develop new business opportunities.

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Q. What are the rewards and projected income from the Partner Programme?

In addition to the world-class training and professional Business Support that you will receive from the programme the projected income in the first year is between £50K and £100K for AFC Partners who are working on a full time basis. We offer an industry leading commission and support package but of course the actual amount you earn is dependent on the amount of time you wish to commit to the business.

We provide you a detailed and proven business development plan for the first year that will generate a wide range of business opportunities, a number of examples are given below:

Example 1: You will learn how to develop relationships and consult with Property Developers and Builders in your area. Your skills will be vital in helping such clients to locate and agree funding for both new build and refurbishment projects. A typical development project that we engage with will require circa £800,000 of funding, in such a case your earnings as an AFC Partner from just one deal will be circa £6,400

Example 2: You will learn about Asset Finance and Re-Finance, a continually expanding area of the market covering vehicles, plant, machinery and capital equipment. Identifying a typical £200,000 asset re-financing schedule will net you commission earnings of circa £4,000

Example 3: Bridging Finance is a huge growth market in the UK as Property Developers and Investors alike take advantage of property bargains. You will learn all the’ trade secrets’ from this segment of the market and assist your clients to take profit from property. A typical £300,000 bridging transaction on a residential property earns Commission income of £2,400 many landlord clients will look to purchase multiple properties each month.

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Q. Can I join the Partner Programme and work part –time or retain my current job?

Yes, working as a Partner with our company is equally viable on either a full or part time basis. We envisage many of our Partners will use the programme as a means to develop their Financial Consultancy skills and to supplement earnings from an existing occupation or Business they run.

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Q. What does the Partner Business Support Package consist of?

Upon graduation from Initial Training you will enjoy an industry leading support and commission package designed to get you operational and fee earning from day 1.The full package will be in place immediately you leave the training course and consist of the following (for AFC Partners):

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Q. How will I develop Business Opportunities?

Our training covers a comprehensive range of proven Business Development, Lead Generation and Marketing Initiatives. Your target markets will cover Business, Commercial and Personal clients and the opportunities are genuinely limitless as there are almost 5 million small to medium (SME) sized businesses registered in the UK. The company runs regular national Internet based marketing campaigns and all qualified sales leads in your area will be passed over to you for follow up and closure.

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Q. What about the ‘Credit Crunch’ – is there a demand for these services?

Most definitely yes. The reality of the current financial markets is that most banks and financial institutions are still lending, the logic here is very straightforward in that every lender has to lend to make a profit and satisfy it’s stakeholders.

What has changed however is that all lenders are now more risk averse and demand to see well qualified, supported and properly packaged funding proposals. This is true for both business and residential loans and mortgages alike.

The qualification, preparation and packaging of such proposals is our core business, we work with over 120 alternative UK based lenders across the whole business spectrum all still keen to accept and sanction well supported cases. The net result is that demand for our services and expertise is increasing dramatically , primarily from the SME Business community..

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Q. What Equipment and Facilities will I need to provide myself?

We envisage most of our Business Partners will operate from a home or small office environment, the basic IT requirements you will require are a decent PC or laptop with a broadband connection, a colour printer and fax machine. The latter is generally best served with an ‘all in one’ machine incorporating fax ,copier, printer and scanner.

We will provide AFC Partners with a dedicated company e-mail account which can be configured on your computer on any e-mail client software such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. As regards telephony services the Company will provide AFC Partners a dedicated and unique 0845 number for your business use and where possible we recommend a separate exchange line be provided with automatic call answering / call forwarding facilities for when you are away from the office.

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Q. What are the costs involved in joining the White Rose Finance Partner Programmes?

To join either of our Partner Programmes requires the payment of a modest initial Partner Fee to cover Initial Training , Set Up and Business Support costs. All fees paid are fully refunded to you on an incremental basis against future business generated.

The reality of our business model is that the commission earned from the closure of one good size Commercial Loan or Mortgage transaction can fully repay your initial investment many times over but, with our full refund policy, the investment is effectively risk free for Partners who are committed to making the relationship a success..

The fees charged cover the costs of everything listed in the initial prospectus but, from our perspective, also ensure that we engage only with applicants who are committed and serious about succeeding as a Business Partner with our firm.

The Associate Financial Consultant (AFC) Business Partner Fee is currently £4,995.

The Professional Associate (PA) Business Partner Fee is currently £2,495

If Partners require multiple delegates to be Trained and Supported we can accomodate this at an additional charge. Partner Fees do not include residential accommodation costs for the 3 day Training and Induction Programme.

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Q. What does the Partner Programme Fee cover?

The fully refundable Partner Fee covers the following:

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Q. Is financial support available for the Partner Programme Fee?

If requested it may be possible to provide funding support via a secured loan facility. Please let us know if funding support is required.

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Q. How and when is the Partner Programme Fee refunded to me?

The programme fee is incrementally refunded over your first year of business against each closed qualifying opportunity. A ‘qualifying opportunity’ is defined in terms of net fee income to the business and will be fully detailed upon your application to join the programme.

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Q. How will I know how much commission I will be earning from the programme?

All introduced business opportunities will be fully documented and added on to your own personal Partner Business Forecast. The Business Forecast will state the commission earnings due for each opportunity.

In addition to the Business Forecast a monthly commission statement will be issued to each Partner detailing all payments made. It should be noted that the company accepts no liability whatsoever for any Tax or National Insurance obligations arising from the payment of commissions and these remain the sole responsibility of the Consultant.

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Q. When and how do I get paid for successfully closed business?

Commissions are generally structured in two ways – Lenders Commission and Client Fees. Together they form the total commission paid on each transaction and will be documented as such on your commission statement.

Lender fees are paid to you immediately on draw down of the loan facility and the second element will be paid to you immediately upon receipt of cleared funds from the client.

Some financial products such as Factoring and Invoice Discounting will generate regular monthly commissions and you will receive these payments in the same way.

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Q. Do I ‘own’ each client introduced for any repeat business?

Absoluteley yes, each and every client and sales opportunity that you develop is attributed to you for commission earnings for the life of the business relationship.

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Q. I’m seriously interested in the opportunity how do I proceed from here?

We thank you for the time taken to review this genuine business opportunity. If you would like to move this to the next stage please complete our brief partner enquiry form and a member of our team will be in contact to discuss the opportunity in more detail.

Alternatively for an immediate discussion please contact us on 0845 838 8971 during normal business hours.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the programme.

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