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Apply for bridging finance through White Rose Finance, nowApply for bridging finance through White Rose Finance, nowBridging Loans from £10,000 to £25 million
Home-mover 'Mortgage Gap' loans from just 6% per annum

Timing is everything and if you need to quickly secure short term bridging finance then we can help you for both business and residential purposes. We are the UK's Bridging Finance specialists lending both our own and partner funds and we will provide you a fast and responsive service to any short term finance need. We will customise a solution to your exact requirements and you will be surprised just how straightforward, and fast the loan set up process can be

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Apply for bridging finance through White Rose Finance, nowHow Bridging Finance Works:

Short term loans or flexible 'Bridging finance' is secured via a legal charge on freehold and long leasehold property on either a first or second charge basis. Loans can also be secured on land, development sites or other personal assets such as Jewellery, Executive Cars and Works of Art etc. A first legal charge would be taken where no other borrowing is secured on the property or asset offered as security and a second charge taken where an existing lender is in place.

Open and Closed Bridging Finance:

An 'open' bridging loan is a loan where the exit or repayment method is known but not yet fully formalised (ie. the sale of a property which is currently being marketed). A 'closed' bridging loan is a loan where the exit or repayment method is fully finalised (ie. the sale of a property where an exchange of contracts has taken place).

What Costs are Involved in setting up a Bridging Finance Loan :


In most cases it will be necessary to pay for an independent valuation of the asset(s) being offered as security. Costs for the report do vary dependent on the type of security but as a guide you should budget £1.50 to £2 per £1,000 of value.

Legal Fees:

The borrower will also be required to pay the lenders legal fees associated with setting up the loan and again these vary dependent on the type and value of the security and the number of property / asset involved, please budget circa £500

Set Up Fees and Interest Rates:

Set up fees will generally be circa 1% to 2% of the loan amount and interest rates from 6.5% per annum for Home Mover 'GAP' Loans and from 9% per annum for Property Investor and Commercial Bridging Loans. Loans secured on non-property assets such as cars and jewellery will be charged at a significantly higher rate due to the risk profile. Please note that with our home-mover 'GAP' loans a single arrangement fee covers all set up costs including any valuations required and legal fees. In all cases when we offer you terms for a Bridging Loan we will clearly and transparently set out all the costs associated with the type and size of loan you require.

We offer Bridging Finance for any legitimate purpose including the following:

Key Service Benefits Provided by The White Rose Team:

For more details of the unique 'Mortgage GAP' home mover Bridging Loan product - click here.

Our experienced finance team will handle the entire process on your behalf and ensure this is as simple and straightforward as possible. Call us now on 0333 405 1954. Office open daily from 09.00 am to 6.00 pm. In emergency situations, weekends and out of office hours please call 07730 065192 ( leave a message if necessary - we appreciate your call and value your business).

Decision timescales:

Call us today or submit an application and we will normally be able to give you a decision in principle immediately and can arrange payout within days subject to completion of legals and any required valuation process.

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