Calculate your Commercial Mortgage Repayments


Our easy to use Commercial Mortgage Calculator allows you to quickly work out your monthly repayments on any Commercial or Business Mortgage against a given interest rate and mortgage term. It also provides an ‘Interest Only’ repayment option.

Step 1:  Enter the Mortgage amount, for example 150,000 in the Mortgage Amount box

Step 2:  Select the desired Commercial Mortgage repayment term, for example 20 years in the repayment term pull down box.

Step 3: Enter the Mortgage interest rate (%), for example 4.5 in to the Interest Rate box.

Step 4: If  you require an Interest Only repayment option check the tick box for ‘Interest Only’ repayment terms.

Step 5:  Click on ‘ Calculate Repayments’ box and the Monthly, Annual and Total loan repayments will be shown


Commercial Mortgage and Loan Calculator



Mortgage Results:

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