Case Study for Sports Marketing Organisation

Amount: £350,000

Term: 12-months

Product: Business Accelerator

The client works in international sports marketing and often find that they have a long period of time before payment whilst they are looking to secure and find new sponsorships. Due to the length of time that they work with before seeing the benefits of their work they were looking for a facility which has a low cost and that offers them the control to make repayments to the facility.

We introduced the client to Just Cash Flow Plc as they were looking for a lender that had the flexibility in funding and a good relationship with their customers.


The senior directors at the lender had discussions with us at WRF and a conversation with the director of the company to truly understand their specific needs and what they were looking to try and achieve. Once they knew understood they had the perfect solution for what the client was looking for.


We were then able to offer them the JCF Business Accelerator facility. The Business Accelerator has the option to roll up the first three months’ interest so that there are no payments to think about until month four of the facility term. Throughout the term, the business only needs to make interest payments each month and can repay the capital as and when they want to so there is no further worry of paying capital back each month. This product gave them the peace of mind they were looking for so that they can focus on finding new sponsors.


Ourselves and the lender will be working alongside the client throughout the term of the facility, making sure that the facility is still working for them and towards the end of the term will go through their options of refinancing if there is a capital balance outstanding.


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